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All plans include design time, tech support and unlimited solution sessions so we can act as your fractional CMO

Welcome to Your Promotional Design Department


Tech Solutions

All TS Membership Plans Include:

  • Dedicated Account Rep to communicate your needs with the design team on your behalf

  • Unlimited 1-ON-1 Sessions for consulting, Q&A, training, and brainstorming

  • Design Time includes but is not limited to website and sales page revisions and updates, digital graphics, templates, email, and text marketing, video editing, documents, digital products, etc.

  • Tech Support includes but is not limited to support for tech-related issues and research development

  • Easy Web Hosting account(s) for sales funnels and entrepreneurs that have multiple organizations to help you avoid unnecessary additional hosting fees. Each account includes 1 custom domain, ongoing hosting, unique templates included), access to login and edit any page in your account + training tutorials, 2 GB Video hosting, eCommerce solutions, sales funnel design simulator, etc. read more

  • Priority design request and turnaround time to help you get your projects completed quickly

  • Instant Access to submit design requests and schedule Tech Solutions member sessions after purchase

⚠Please Note:

  • Start Date Selection: Start whenever you're ready! You can start your own start date at checkout

  • Payment Cycle: Payments will be processed each month on the date a plan is purchased. We can do half-and-half bi-monthly payments upon request.

  • Cancelations: Plans can be canceled by the customer anytime at Canceling a plan will result in a loss of accrued design time hours and easy web hosting accounts (s)

  • 90-Day Grace Period: You may pause/ suspend your plan and payments for up to 90 days and keep your unused design hours, in this case, payment must be made before using unused design hours

  • Monthly Report: Monthly reports are sent out by the 10th of each month to the email address given at checkout or other desired emails. This report includes hours used for the previous month, current available hours and a snapshot of every completed design request for the previous month. update notifications to notify the customer of available design hours.

  • Notification Alerts: We send out notification alerts when you are low on hours or if we perceive you may go over your design time. You will then have the option to:

  1. add more hours

  2. use current hours and then pause all projects until the next payment cycle

  3. upgrade to more monthly hours

  • Separate payment notifications or other alerts may be sent upon request.

  • We have a no-refund policy as we can not receive the time back spent on your projects. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

  • Schedule a phone consultation if you have any concerns or questions.

  • View our Design Gallery for examples of our previous work.

  • Check out our rave reviews below for case studies and examples of the development work our team has performed and the impact it has had on organizations around the world wide web

Become Muli-Facuted. Take Your Brand to the Next Dimension!
Membership plans allow you to submit design requests 24/7, receive faster turnaround times, and access unlimited team training!

3 Hours Design Time/ mo


Soft Maintenance

Priority Design Request

Tech Support

Roll Over Unused Time

Priority Turn Around Time

Easy Web Hosting (1)

 Most Popular 

Rise and Grind

12 Hours Design Time/ mo

Priority Design Request

Tech Support

Roll Over Unused Time

Priority Turn Around Time

Easy Web Hosting (3)

25 Hours Design Time/ mo

Time Is Money

Priority Design Request

Tech Support

Roll Over Unused Time

Priority Turn Around Time

Easy Web Hosting (5)

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