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Evergreen page builder and web hosting. You need more than an excellent lightning-speed platform⚡for your sales funnels and web page designs. Our Easy Web Hosting is available to Tech Solutions members. Our Tech Solutions members have access to submit design requests 24/7 + unlimited DIY and DFY support.

Websites & Landing Pages Made Easy

PC Media Techs - Easy Web Hosting

Fastest loading speeds in the world, quality visitor and creator experiences and hand holding support

Sites & Pages That Grow With You

Currently only available with our In Demand Packages and to our Tech Solutions Members and PC Partners

Get more leads for the same ad spend with blazing-fast pages and dynamic text. Collect data with easy to use form builder, surveys and quizzes. What would the world's best page builder be without a mobile editor and simple to use split testing? We help you with all of that and more! We connect your integrations and domain for you and can also import your pages to save time.

Page Importing & Lead Collecting

Host, your website, landing pages, sales funnels, 2GB of videos, sales funnels, shopping cart, upsells all in one place... and watch watch your pages load faster than. Set your interactive video or other elements to release content at certain points, bump sales, take reoccurring payments, build urgency with countdown timers. Give your visitors a better experience and get more deposits.

Page Importing & Lead Collecting

No matter what level you're on. You can create full blow websites or a quick contact us landing page that easily grows into a fully functional website as you grow. Easy auto-mobilising menus and shared headers and footers make your sites and pages user friendly and look good on any device.

Page Importing & Lead Collecting

  • See how many leads your funnel will generate from a birds eye view

  • See how many sales each product in your funnel makes

  • See how much profit will be generated overall

  • Build it auto-magicly with one click

​Build out the perfect funnel for leads, sales, engagement or whatever your goal is 😲

Why spend $1000s on pages for different sub-niches, when you can just use 1? Dynamic Text Replacement lets you adjust your page copy based on the keywords in your ads. Boosting your conversions, saving you time and boosting your profits.

Automatically Promote To Different Niches With Dynamic Text

PC Media Techs - Easy Web Hosting
  • A load-time delay of just a single second can reduce mobile conversions by 20%.

  • A load speed of 3 seconds increases bounce rate by 52%.

  • When your visitors are leaving, they’re not converting.

  • The fastest loading page builder is right here!

​Your sites and pages loading time matters

Done for you domain connection & management​

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