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Call Or Text (205) 827-3283
Call Or Text (205) 827-3283
Call Or Text (205) 827-3283
PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment
PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment

Empower Individuals Through Technology

Bridge the with PC Empowerment! Our non-profit was established to empower the community by providing tech-related tools, supplies, workshops for youth and seniors, and guidance programs for businesses that are stuck in the high-growth phase.

PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment

Our mission is to empower youth, seniors, and businesses that are stuck in the high-growth phase by bridging the digital divide. We provide access to essential tech tools, office supplies, related necessities, & and educational guidance programs. We firmly believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities to gain experience and exposure.

Strengthening Stability for a

Lasting Impact

PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment
PC Media Techs logo
PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment
PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment
PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment


Our intent is to educate and engage youth with development activities so they can gain experience, resources, and exposure. Qualified business owners who have shown a high work ethic and are currently stuck in the high growth phase may be eligible for special resources, tech necessities, and office supplies. We also host frequent workshops to help seniors embrace tech to complete everyday tasks.

We provide tech tools and guidance programs!

Read more about our sustainability and stability initiatives and the resources we provide

We provide youth, seniors, and businesses that are stuck in the high-growth phase with:

  • Computers, tablets, and other tech tools

  • Workspace furniture and decor

  • Workspace and business equipment

  • Related workspace, office, and school supplies

Tools will be provided to select individuals who participate in our initiatives.

Tools We Provide

We have sustainability, stability, and legacy enrichment initiatives in place with the intent to:

  • Enhance organizational efficiency

  • Promote innovation and creativity

  • Close the digital divide by transforming lives and communities

  • Empower youth, businesses, and seniors

  • Enhance interactive learning experiences

  • Improve educational and career outcomes

Our Intent

Our Guidance Programs

PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment

Sustainability Initiative

Camp ProFRESHional

1-day seminar where we provide our Digital World Health Curriculum and Internet Rules and Tools to help youth and young adults develop both healthy and ethical technology practices.

Select participants are invited to have their top areas of interests assessed. Opportunities for hands-on experiences withing our scope may also be available.

Join Us In

Generous donations play a crucial role in fueling our non-profit organization's mission and making a meaningful impact in the communities we serve. With each contribution, whether big or small, we are able to amplify our empowerment efforts to close the digital divide and create positive change.

Your donation directly supports the various programs, initiatives, and services we provide, enabling us to empower individuals, uplift communities, and address pressing societal challenges. By donating, you become a catalyst for transformation, helping us reach more people, and enhance the impact of our work. Every dollar donated is utilized efficiently and effectively, maximizing its potential to bring lasting outcomes.

Empowering Communities

Our team is working diligently and expanding to met the needs of the communities we serve

Our Team

Courtney Woods


Henrietta Folmar

Board Member

Alpha Denninson

Board Member

PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment

Your contributions directly support the various programs, initiatives, and tools we provide, enabling us to empower individuals, uplift communities, and address pressing societal challenges. By contributing, you are directly  empowering more individuals. 

Make A Difference Today

More information coming soon! Check back here for more frequently asked questions.


  • Do I get priority service with these plans?
    Yes, Priority design request and turnaround time are included to help you complete your projects quickly. Allow at least 4 business days when selecting a deadline (non-members deadlines are typically 10-30 days)
  • What is included in all TS Membership Plans?
    All TS Membership Plans include a Dedicated Account Rep for effective communication with the design team, providing a seamless experience. Unlimited 1-ON-1 Sessions for consulting, Q&A, training, and brainstorming, ensuring personalized support. Design Time covering a wide range of services such as website and sales page revisions, digital graphics, templates, email and text marketing, video editing, documents, digital products, and more.
  • Is there a grace period for pausing/suspending my plan?
    Yes, you may pause/suspend your plan and payments for up to 90 days, keeping your unused design hours. Payment must be made before using unused design hours.
  • What happens if I am low on hours or exceed my design time?
    Notification alerts will be sent, and you have the option to add more hours, use current hours or pause all projects until the next payment cycle, or upgrade to more monthly hours.
  • How do I receive updates and reports on my plan usage?
    Monthly reports are sent out by the 10th of each month, including hours used, current available hours, and a snapshot of completed design requests for the previous month. Notification alerts are sent for low hours or potential overuse. You can view your desgin time in your protal.
  • How can I submit design requests and schedule Tech Solutions member sessions?
    You have Instant Access to submit design requests and schedule sessions your TS Membership Plan Designs request form.
  • I got an email saying that I had -3 hours. Will my open projects be finished if I don't add more hours right away? How did this happen?
    We send out an email notification when your hours are low, if most of your project's desired deadlines have a short window, require a few hours of work, or you have a large number of open projects then you may run the risk of getting the low hours notification and over hours notification back to back. However, we will notify you when you are low.
  • How can I address concerns or questions?
    Schedule a phone consultation for personalized assistance.
  • When will tech tools and resources be available?
    Our board of dedicated professionals is committed to providing these tools and related supplies to assist individuals from various walks of life. We understand the importance of timely access to and we are eager to start serving communities. Sign for further updates and announcements regarding our services. We look forward to assisting you on your journey towards personal growth and success.
  • What is PC Empowerment in need of?
    We are currently in need of resources, funding, and awareness.
  • How does PC Empowerment measure impact?
    We are serious about strengthening stability for a lasting impact. We measure impact by keeping record of where each individual or business is when they began our guidance programs and make note of their progress throughout each phase.
  • When will guidance programs be available?
    We plan to have guidance programs available in 2024. Please sign up for updates and information as we are diligently working to develop comprehensive and impactful programs that cater to the needs of youth, start ups, and businesses stuck in the high- growth phase.
  • Are there any examples of success stories?
    We are eager to kickstart our campaign to empower 1 million. We just formed our foundation on June 7, 2023. Our board of experienced professionals are ready to kickstart empowering a million minds to transform a million lives. We're serious about creating 1 million success stories.
  • How can individuals, companies, and other organizations contribute?
    Learn about our student and start up programs and the tools we provide at and click stay connected or contribute by sponsoring, becoming a partner, or volunteering today.
  • In what ways do volunteers contribute?
    We need volunteers to assist with youth, students, and start-ups and document progress. There is a need for other related duties as well. Training and support will be provided. Click to stay connected for more information.
  • When will I receive my commission payments?
    One time commission payments are processed within 24-72 and recurring commission is processed monthly.
  • How much does PC Partners Program cost?
    PC Partners Program is a free affiliate program.
  • How much does a website cost?
    Our landing pages and sales funnel packages start off at $475 and our website packages start off at $1,250 depending on your needs. Schedule a phone consultation to discuss your needs at
  • When should I expect my design to be finished?
    For most projects standard turn around time is 7-10 business days after all requested files and info needed to start your project has been sent. For websites and more advanced projects turnaround time may be 30 days or more depending on the scope of work. We will communicate this with you during your phone consultation. Read our privacy policy
PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment

 Stability Initiative 

Engagement and Exposure Program

We educate companies that are stuck in the high growth phase on the promotional design necessities that every business needs for the best efficiency online. Internal analysis reports for each participant will be provided for smoother growth. Select participants may recieve a dedicated promotional design technical assistants for an allotted time.

PC Media Techs - PC Empowerment

Legacy Enrichment Initiative

Wisdom Workshops

We embrace the wisdom of age, by empowering seniors through our Digtal World Health Cirrculum and interactive workshops that teach how to use technology to make day-to-day life easier.


Our Intent is to help seniors with things like online bill pay and other related tasks with Q&A and support. Workshops will share tech-related knowledge and provide new insights to our seniors.

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