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How to Cancel Anytime From Inside the Member's Area

Updated: May 21

Our Tech Solutions plans include having access to a dedicated account representative, priority office hours, and expedited turnaround times. As long as your plan is active all unused design time hours will continue to roll over from month to month.

You can cancel a plan anytime by using this link and logging in to cancel your subscription. You will be prompted to schedule a transfer session so we can transfer any files or information that you made need from us in order to keep your brand aligned in the future. This is to assure that you and your brand will be taken care of moving forward and to make sure you have any credentials that you may need after you depart.

You are responsible for canceling your own account. But if you desire us to cancel for you, reach out to your account representative and ask to schedule a transfer session and your plan will be canceled during your scheduled session.

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