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Smash Your Goals 10xs Faster Than The Average Adult with The Vision to Life Quarterly Master Planner!

  • Includes valuable frameworks that top executives practice

  • Develops and enhances strategic planning mindsets

  • Intensifies innovative promotional design habits

Bring your Visions to Life!

PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan
PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan
PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan
PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan

People like you that smash their goals

PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan

Beyond honored to have BOXES DELIVERED to Dollar General Warehouse less than 5 months after the final copies were printed.



What's better than having a tool created from a promotional design standpoint that is specially designed to accommodate the way your mind and unique brand operates? Mmmm, how about one-of-a-kind analysis, and easy-to-use models to help grow and scale every year, quarter, month, week, and day?


In addition to that, imagine having it all in one place along with, guided direction and the proven frameworks that you need to smash your goals faster than ever!

The Vision To Life Master Planner is one of a kind, easy-to-use custom strategic master planner for visionaries. Designed to take you from a brand that has a vision or small business, through the vision to life journey and to the next dimension 10x faster.

If you've been thinking of a master plan, don't delay doing the important work to bring your visions and dreams to full fruition!

PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan
PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan



In case you need a reminder, we are here to tell you that YOU ARE DIFFERENT.

We were all created similarly yet significantly different in many ways, just like your brand. Nobody can do what you do, the way you do it with the same vision and passion you have to do it.


THE HARD TRUTH: Face the facts. Although we know it's tough sometimes, human or not, there are no exceptions to the rules. This is why successful leaders have to have reliable, proven processes and strategic guides in place in order to bust through the glass ceiling, stay balanced, and continue to produce more and more... AND MAKE IT LOOK EASY.

(What are you, a robot or something!?)

WHAT'S EXPECTED OF YOU: Business minds are expected to operate through challenges you've never seen before, setbacks,  ups, and downs, stay mentally and emotionally sharp, balance it all out, wear multiple hats and stay on track with EVERYTHING. AT THE SAME TIME!

(It's realistic and you know it)

WATCH AND SEE: No more setting yourself back, gone are the days of being all over the place, putting yourself in a box, or not accomplishing the things you set out to do every year. In this new era, you will effortlessly smash your goals from quarter to quarter with ease. The Vision To Life Master Planner was created to help you develop, activate, and keep up with all of your important growth goals, core plans of action, and strategic guides in one place-- REALISTICALLY!

 You need practical, yet customized innovative techniques for your unique brand or company so you can do the important work more efficiently 


PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan
PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan


This task splitter will help you separate real tasks that you actually have to complete yourself from the task that you can delegate to other people. It is going to help you to assign tasks, ask for help and establish your project and work flows much quicker and easier.


As a true leader should, you hold yourself accountable. The Clearview Check-In Tracker helps you to do this more efficiently and effectively. This is one of the most important habits you should adopt to clearly visualize where you are and where you're growing to.


PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan
PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan


The Vision To Life Quarterly Master Planner is not your average planner. To keep it all the way real.. we only use the word planner to give you an idea of what this is you're about to purchase. It's actually a tool that accommodates the way your creative mind works.


This master planner guides you like a textbook, challenges you like a workbook, and provides unique and valuable frameworks and evaluations to help you redesign your way of thinking.


It's a master planner! You'll be using it to help you:

  • Redesign your mind to accomplish your goals 10xs faster than the average adult

  • Set yourself apart by enhancing your brand's unique strengths and abilities

  • Capture opportunities by pinpointing and exploring budding and future possibilities

  • Identify iffy circumstances to crush your weaknesses

  • Discover potential brand-threatening situations AND eliminate them before they become a hazard

  • ...and most importantly, CLEARLY VISUALIZE your best years ever from a birds-eye view with ease! 

With The Vision to Life Master Planner You Will:

Complete valuable frameworks that top executives use to help you smash your goals 10x faster than the average adult. Everything you need in one place!

Use proven tactics and analysis to help you challenge your thinking and choice goals so you can shift your mindset and make more effective moves in the digital world.

Actively take your ideas and visions from a thought to the creation of fully functional features and concepts on a consistent basis!

Apdat foundational and endurance tools, action-planning and new consistency and growth techniques for expansion to help you clearly visualize from a birds-eye view with ease.

No matter what you're working on, you will always be prepared throughout your Vision To Life Journey. Each section of The Vision To Life Master Planner was carefully equipped with things you need along the way.


The Foundational Tools section is to help you grow on a solid foundation. The Endurance & Action Tools section is to help you exercise promotional design tendencies and action planning. Last but definitely not least, the Consistency & Growth section is for your quarterly, monthly, day-to-day deadlines, and to-do list.

💥ProFRESHional Cross-Examination

💥Action Taker Survey

💥Digital Marketing Channels & Tactics
💥A.I.D.A. Model
💥Custom Promotional Plan
💥Notes Section
💥100 Action Word Prompts
💥Best Year Ever - Smash These Overall Goals (4)

💥Initial S.W.O.T. Analysis
💥S.M.A.R.T. Goals Checker


PC Media Techs - Vision to Life Quarterly Master Plan

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