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1.   Tell them to, "Check for an email from for the next steps and info about the process"

2.  VERIFY that they received it ok


Tell them to, "Click the SCHEDULE NOW button in the email to go ahead and schedule their FREE phone consultation OR Schedule for them herePhone  Virtual  In-Person

  • Select a date and time that works for them

  • enter their information

4.  VERIFY that they received a confirmation email confirming the date and time of their consult

5.  Tech Solutions Membership

If they are a Tech Solutions member they will receive an email with the next steps.

If not, let them know Tech Solutions Members get access to submit design requests 24/7 and schedule strategy or team training sessions anytime! They will receive more details about it tomorrow and can discuss it during their consult.

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🛑Please follow the instructions below to complete the intake

Thank you!

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