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Adding Tiered Pricing Models To Your Website

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Tiered Pricing is used to sell products within a particular price range. A very popular strategy is the three-tier pricing strategy. This is where you'd offer a basic, standard, and premium option at check out. Each tier should include different features, products, services, or volume amounts because different combinations will appeal to different people. Click here to get your copy of Get More Deposits! which includes a video lesson (mp4) and a workbook (pdf) to help you create your pricing tiers as well as develop strategies for better conversions.

3-Tier Pricing Model

  1. Basic Tier: Your basic tier should provide your customers with the essentials at affordable pricing and allow visitors to solve the problem they face.

  2. Standard Tier: Your standard should include a combination of what the basic tier offers plus some advanced features, higher volume amounts, and/or additional products and services. This tier should give your visitors more while saving them money.

  3. Premium Tier: A premium tier may be offered for large organizations and customers who know it will benefit them. This tier is to be priced higher and bring you the highest return.

Your pricing model should be added to your website or sales landing page, or checkout page to gradually offer different higher-priced options.

If you want to convert more visitors on different levels try setting up pricing tiers that offer different pricing options and/or monthly subscription options to help more of your visitors want to take action. Even if you have great business ideas, bomb products, and services, love what you do, and have a plan you can still benefit from pricing tiers.

Check out some examples from our website below.

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Payment options for online courses
Payment options for online courses

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Membership Plans

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Need Extra Help?

Want a copy of the 30 minute lesson + workbook that goes along with these tips? click here

This training covers:

  1. Creating pricing tiers and options that offer more value

  2. Designing custom packages and bundles for a boost in online sales

  3. Setting up monthly subscription packages on your sites and pages

  4. Setting up payment buttons and automations to easily deliver lead magnets and digital products


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